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How to import Opportunity Contact Roles?

Knowledge Article Number 000175768
Description This article explains the requirements for importing Opportunity Contact Roles.
Resolution It is possible to import Opportunity Contact Roles with the Data Loader.

The object to import into is Opportunity Contact Role.  You will need to mark the "Show all objects in Salesforce" checkbox to be able to select Opportunity Contact Role.

The .CSV file will need the following columns;

1. ContactID - ID of the Contact you are adding to the Opportunity Contact Roles related list
2. OpportunityID - ID of the Opportunity you are adding the Contact to
3. Role - Name of the role you are assigning to the Contact. This needs to be a value from the Role picklist
4. IsPrimary - This will mark the Primary checkbox on the Contact role.

You can find additional details on the API Documentation.

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