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Live Agent - I.E. 9 - 'Server Error - Syntax error: details

Knowledge Article Number 000175774
Description Issue when chats are being accepted in IE9

Steps to reproduce:
1) Log into Salesforce instance and make user available to accept Chats
2) From another computer initiate a Chat session
3) From Salesforce accept incoming chat
4) Message appears 'Server Error - Syntax error: details
5) Click Ok
6) Case detail page displays, Chat section on left side does not show the chat dialog field for the Agent to type in text. I have attached a screenshot of the error and what the Chat section is doing.

Syntax error
The root cause was determined to be IE9 being viewed in compatibility mode, we were able to determine this when we checked IE developer tools(hit F12 on the keyboard). 
In order to remove the browser from compatibility mode, simply do the following: 
Tools>Compatibility Settings>Un check "Display all Websites in compatibility mode. 
Depending on how you use your intranet websites you can leave "Display intranet sites in compatibility view. 
We do not support Compatibility Mode for IE, which can be confirmed in the help here: 

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