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Why is my email not attaching to the Opportunity record when using Email to Salesforce or Salesforce for Outlook?

Knowledge Article Number 000175822
Description I have added an email via Email to Salesforce and it is not attaching to the Opportunity.

Opportunities need to be listed on the Contact record for emails to be associated with them. The Contact needs to be assigned as a Contact Role to have the opportunity listed on their Contact record, unless the Opportunity is created from their record.

There are several things to check when an email is not attaching to an Opportunity record.

1. Check the My Email to Salesforce settings and ensure that the Opportunities checkbox is checked off under 'Email Associations' section.

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2. Check to see if the Contact is the Primary Contact for the Opportunity. 

 *Note:  When you create an opportunity from a contact detail page, that contact automatically becomes the primary contact on the opportunity. However, a contact role is not automatically assigned.  If you create the Opportunity from the Business Account no Primary Contact will be associated with the Opportunity, even if you add the Contact to the 'Contact Field' field.  You will need to add them to the Contact Roles related list.

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3. Email to Salesforce only adds emails to Open Opportunities. If the Opportunity is Closed, email will not be added.

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