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How to filter creation of cases in Email to Case

Knowledge Article Number 000175832
Description How to filter and control creation of cases from certain email addresses and/or domains in On-Demand Email to Case.
Resolution 1) Cases should be created only when emails are received from certain email addresses.

- This can be achieved by going to Salesforce| Setup| Customize| Email-to-Case
Click 'Edit' next to the Routing address and enter the email addresses in the 'Accept Email From' text box. All emails coming from the email addresses and/or domains included in this box will create cases and emails from other addresses will be ignored.
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Enabling On-Demand Email-to-Case enables this field. Leave this field blank if you want On-Demand Email-to-Case to receive email from any email address or domain. 
You can limit the email addresses or domains available for On-Demand Email-to-Case by entering them in this field, separated by commas.
For example:,,

2) Cases should not be created when emails are received from certain email addresses/domains.

- On-Demand Email to Case does not have an option to blacklist or block certain email address/ domains. If emails from certain email addresses/domains should not create cases, it is best to setup a rule on the mailbox on which forwarding to the email to case service address is setup. This step will have to be performed by the internal IT helpdesk of the customer's organization.

If the above step is not a viable option, a queue to which all junk cases can be routed, can be created.

Also, from the Email-to-Case Settings, the Failure Response Settings can be set for Unauthorized emails which is to Discard or Bounce the email. See more about this feature in the below reference:

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