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How to delete Chatter Posts

Knowledge Article Number 000175873
Chatter posts, like any other data in Salesforce, are stored forever unless an authorized person deletes them. Here's who can delete posts: 
  • Users without any special permissions can delete their own posts, posts on their own Chatter wall items, and posts on records they own.
  • Chatter Moderator Users can also delete posts in Chatter. 
  • An Administrator with the “Manage Chatter Messages” permission can view and delete all Users' messages in Chatter; for example, for compliance purposes.
  • Users with "Modify All Data" permissions.
To delete a post, you would need to click on the drop down next to the post and click Delete.
Resolution Chatter Moderators Users are Available in: GroupProfessionalEnterpriseUnlimitedContact Manager, and Developer Editions

A moderator is a Chatter user with some additional privileges such as:

  • Activate or Deactivate Chatter Free Users    
  • Assign a Chatter Free User as Moderator or take the privilege away 
  • Delete posts and comments that they can see

As an Administrator, you can assign moderator privileges to Chatter Free users in your Organization. You can also remove them if needed.

Note: It's not possible within standard functionality to stop users from deleting chatter posts completely. Also, you can use an Appexchange App to remove permission for Deleting Posts.

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