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Retrieving Chatter messages between user (via Data Loader)

Knowledge Article Number 000175876
Description For admin compliance purposes or company analytics, Administrators want to be able to search and read messages between Chatter users. An administrator with the “Manage Chatter Messages”  and “API Enabled”permission can view and delete all users' messages in Chatter.
Resolution Chatter Conversation can be retrieved via Data Loader.

A.) Enable the “Manage Chatter Messages” and “API Enabled” on a profile.

Special Consideration: We cannot edit the permission on the Standard Profiles. First we need to clone the profile and edit the permission.

B.) Open Data Loader.
1. Click Export.
2. Login to Data Loader.
3. Click Show all Salesforce Objects.
4. Click Chatter Message.
5. Choose the location for extracted .CSV file.
6. Click Next.
7. Choose all the Query Fields.
8. Click Finish.

You will now have the .csv file that consist of the History of Chatter Messages between users.

Note -
  • Mass Deleting Chatter Message can be done only via API.
  • You might need to use permission sets to assign the permission Manage Chatter Messages to standard System Administrator profile since this permission is not checked by default.

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