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Why does the record count of my report change when the details are hidden or exposed?

Knowledge Article Number 000175877
Description Changing the level of detail displayed on the report can impact the record count of the report as those columns hidden impact the report type itself. Some of our customers have noted this behavior when hiding or exposing the details of reports.

Resolution When a "details hidden" display report contains no references (filters, summaries, groupings, etc) from any parent or child of the object being reported on, then any requirement of that relationship defined at the Report Type level is ignored.

For example:

When running an "Opportunities" object report you can select to display specific columns from the Accounts and Opportunities objects.

Within the report, you may choose to add columns from the Account object. In doing so, you are mandating that any records displayed within the results be associated with an Account record. If you hide the details of this report, but lack the noted references from being displayed within this collapsed version, then that requirement that an Account be defined no longer occurs.

The reports require that those results displayed must possess relationships between all of the objects that have columns displayed on the report.

Another Example.

When creating an "Opportunities with Contact Roles" object report, you can select to use fields from the Accounts, Opportunities and Contact Roles object.

If you select to run this report lacking any of the references from the Contact Roles object, then the results will be based solely on the criteria as they apply to the Opportunities without any reliance on the Opportunity being related to a Contact Role whatsoever. If a single reference is made to the Contact Role within the report, the relationship is again mandated.

Please note that this same behavior does not occur when using the "with or without" relationship dynamic available with Custom Report Types. Those objects within Custom Report Types relying on the traditional "with" relationship will still be impacted.

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