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The record you were editing was modified by Connection User during your edit session

Knowledge Article Number 000175887
Description When records are being shared via S2S, sometimes I receive an error: "The record you were editing was modified by Connection User during your edit session"
Resolution If a record is being shared via S2S (check External Sharing related list), there is a possibility that the connection partner may be doing modifications to the record at the same time. Not only could a user be modifying the record, they could have workflows, triggers, data updates or etc.

Scenario: Share a case via S2S, add a comment and update a field.

Create Salesforce to Salesforce functionality across 2 Organizations. Create a case and share it with the connection and you will be able to update the record successfully after putting in a comment.

Since that worked successfully, create a workflow rule on the receiving Org that when a Case Comment is entered into the case to perform an update to a random field. Then enter a comment onto the case and then modify a field from the main Org end and you will receive the collision detection error. The exact steps are as follows:

- Org 1: User creates Comment on case (Salesforce to Salesforce updates across connection)
- Org 2: Workflow triggers after it meets the criteria and updates a field
- Org 1: User tries to modify a field, collision detection occurs as the record has been modified without a refresh since update.

As Org 2 is updating the record directly after the save of the case comment, Org 1 must refresh the record prior to making changes.

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