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Increase Archive Days for your Organization

Knowledge Article Number 000175889
To improve the speed and performance of activity reports, the system will automatically archive older activities to reduce the number of records being searched through in reporting and SOQL queries. To learn about the archive criteria and how to access activities after archive, see our "Archived Activities" help documentation.

If your organization requires a longer archive period for activities, have your system administrator create a case with Salesforce Customer Support with the request including the requested information below:


Before you request an Archive Days increase 

  • Limit increases will affect activity reporting and list view performance and even potentially cause them to time out as more records become available, especially if they are not correctly scoped by date ranges (for example, "Created Date equals This Year").
  • Limit increases impact API queries. Any records older than the new limit will be unavailable to be queried.

Archive Days increase limits and maximums

  • Default setting - 365
  • Maximum limit - 2555
  • Recommended maximum - 1825 days (5 years) maximum

How to increase your Archive Days limit

    Change the Archive Days limit by creating a case with Salesforce Customer Support with the following information:

    1. Are you the system administrator authorized on behalf of this organization to request this feature?

    2. Do you understand the implications of having this feature activated?

    3. What is Organization ID of the production or sandbox instance would you like to enable this feature? (listed under Setup | Company Profile | Company Information)

    4. Do you understand that the performance of your report and list views on the activity object might be impacted?

    5. What would you like to increase your organization's limit to?

    6. Requested Duration -- will the increase be permanent or just for a certain period?

    7. Business Case -- why do you need the limit increased?


    Note: After the increased limit is implemented, records will gradually become available. Depending on the quantity of records to be archived, the process may take a few hours. The reduction of this value and the process of normal archiving will occur over the weekend.

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