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Unable to add Account Type Field in the Contact List View

Knowledge Article Number 000175904

When creating a Contact List View, you'll notice that the only fields available from the Accounts Object are the following:

  • Account Name
  • Account ID
  • Parent Account


To Add Account Type, you'll need to create a Custom Formula Field, which is outlined below. 


Create Account Type Field

      1. Click Your Name | Setup | Customize | Contacts | Fields.
      2. Click New under the "Contact Custom Fields & Relationships" section.
      3. Choose Data Type : Formula, and then click Next
      4. Enter the Field Label and Field Name.
      5. Select Formula Return Type: Text, and then click Next.
      6. Click the Advance Formula Tab.
      7. In the "Function" section on the right, choose Text Function.
      8. Click Insert Selected Function.
      9. Highlight the word "value," and then click Insert Field.
      10. Click Contact | AccountType, and then click Insert and Next. 
      11. Set Field-Level Security. 
      12. Add field to the Page Layout
      13. Click Save.

After creating the Custom Formula Text Field, you can now manage your List View from the Contacts tab, and then add the Account Type Field to your View. 

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