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Send Customer Notification box in a case comment

Knowledge Article Number 000175911
Description When we add case comments, we are not able to notify contacts that a new comment is there.
We get a warning next to the Send Customer Notification checkbox in red print:

"Notifications are not setup for the contact on this case"  

This only occurs with some Contacts. 

Resolution Please confirm the following settings: 

The "Send Customer Notification" works in conjunction with the Self-Service Portal. The following settings must be in place, or the option will either be disabled or unavailable. 

1. Click on: 

Setup | App Setup | Customize | Self-Service | Self-Service Portal | Settings | Self-Service Setup | Login Enabled. 

*Ensure that there is a New User Template and a New Password Template selected. 

2. Check the "Case record | Visible in Self-Service Portal" checkbox. 
* Ensure that the field is available in your page layout: 

Setup | App Setup | Customize | Cases | Page Layout. 

3. Contact record. 
*Ensure Self-Service is enabled for the contact and the self-service user is active. Also, make sure the Case Comments check box is checked: 

Case tab | <open record> | Comments | New | <check> Public. 

This will enable the Send Customer Notification checkbox. 

If you see the check-box and it is just grayed out, this usually means the Enable Notification box is checked in settings, but either there is no Contact to notify, the Contact's email address is not valid, or the comment is not public. 

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