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How can I import Email messages and relate them to Cases?

Knowledge Article Number 000175914
Description I would like to import emails into my Case records on the "Emails" section from Activity History but I do not see an option for it within the User Interface.
Resolution Currently, there is no way to mass-import emails within the Salesforce User Interface. To achieve this, you would need to use the Data Loader. Here's how:

1. Create a csv file with the following column headers:
Parent ID
From Address
From Name
To Address
CC Address
BCC Address
Is Incoming
Message Date
Text Body

**It is best to compare the column headers mentioned above with the fields in email records you currently have in Salesforce. By doing so, you will know what type of data (value) goes into the Salesforce fields.
2. Start the Data Loader and use the "Insert" function.
3. Log in with your credentials. Note that you may have to use a Security token for this. Click next after authentication.
4. Check the "Show all Salesforce Objects" box and select the object: Email Message (EmailMessage).
5. Choose the csv file (the one from step 1) and click Next.
6. Click OK on the confirmation window indicating the number of records to be processed.
7. On the next page, click "Create or Edit a Map".
8. On the Mapping screen, click "Auto-Match Fields to Columns" and click OK.
9. Click Next.
10. Choose the destination for the error and success files then click Finish.

-This is only available for Organizations with access to Salesforce API. This can be done if Email to Case is enabled.
-The EmailMessage object can only be related to the Case object. To import emails into the activity history of other Salesforce Objects, please see 
How can I import 'Activity History' into existing records.

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