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Radian6 - Excel Add in - Best Practices / Use Cases

Knowledge Article Number 000175919
Description What can I use the Excel Add In for?

The Radian6 Excel Add In can be used to import Radian6 widget data for a variety of purposes including:

  • Showing changes over time
  • Representing large data sets
  • Overlaying external data


Tips & Best Practices

  1. Label your Widgets and Dashboards. This will help you identify the dashboard and widget to import in order to retrieve the data you are looking for.

  2. Save the file often and use multiple saved files. The more data you export, the longer it can take to load. 

  3. Where possible, build master widgets to export data into Excel instead of opening and exporting child widgets (widgets opened off of another widget).

  4. When grouping data in your pivot table, be sure to re-name your sections to indicate what is included (Example: date ranges).

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