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Re-using username associated to an inactive user.

Knowledge Article Number 000175924
Description Some companies have pre-defined usernames and sometimes because of particular reasons, one username may need to be recycled or re-used.

A couple of instances where this occurs is:

A previous employee, who had an existing User Record has returned and instead of re-activating his User Detail - the company decides to create a new record instead.


A new organization has been commissioned for a company and all users need to be transferred over. In these situations, reusing old usernames is not possible, as Salesforce has strict security measures and do not allow deletion of user records. 

As a work around. You will need to edit the inactive user record and add a number to the end of the username so that the original username will be available for use.

Here are the steps on how to go about it.:

1. Click on your Name/Setup/Manage User/User
2. Edit the inactive record by clicking on the Edit link beside it or by clicking on the username to Edit from there
3. Modify the username by adding a letter or a number at the end. For example: change to

4. Save

By doing this, the old username retains all its records and activity logs under a different but quite a similar username while the original username becomes available for use.

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