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Enabling Divisions

Knowledge Article Number 000175929
Description Available in: Professional, EnterpriseUnlimited, Performance, and Developer Editions

Divisions makes searches, reports, and list views more meaningful to users in very large organizations by segmenting data into logical sections. For example, if your searches are taking a long time or timing out, and your users only need to see a subset of your data, then using Divisions can help improve performance. Please review our Divisions Overview for more information on this feature. 

Divisions is beneficial for: 
  • Organizations with extremely large amounts of data (greater than 1 million records in a single object).
  • Organizations that are effectively multiple companies all sharing one org, but operating quite separately.
  • Organizations that find their search results cluttered by data that is related to some other division that they never deal with.
  • Organizations that have relatively equal amounts of data in each proposed division.
​Does my organization meet the requirements?
  • If you have greater than 1 millions records in a single object and more than 35 licenses. 
  • You have large amounts of data and would like to improve search and analytics performance.
​Don't meet the requirements or are you looking for a solution to segregate data within Salesforce? We've got a great alternative. 

Implementing record types, sharing rules, picklists, Territory Management, etc will be a better alternative. For example, create a new picklist field called “Divisions” with the desired values (Example: East, West, Midwest, Southwest), and populate it for each account. You can then use this field in criteria-based sharing rules, within list views, and for reporting purposes to hide, reveal and analyze data for specific subsets of users.

Note on Sharing: Divisions is actually not a good fit for any organization that shares large amounts of their data across divisions. Because a division is set at the account level and inherited by all child records, you cannot have different divisions selling to the same account and mark the related opportunities with different division names.
Resolution Do you meet the requirements?

Have a Salesforce System Administrator in your organization submit a case with answers to the following questions:
  1. What is the Organization ID of the production or sandbox? (Navigate to Setup > Company Profile > Company Information)
  2. Do you have greater than 1 millions records in a single object and more than 35 licenses?
  3. Do you understand that once Divisions feature is activated, it CAN'T be deactivated (we encourage testing this feature in the sandbox or Free trial org. This feature cannot be activated in the Developer Edition environments):
  4. Business Case: Why do you need the feature activated?
  5. Are you the system administrator authorized on behalf of this organization to request this feature?:

The turn around time to activate this feature could take a couple of business days as our Support Engineers need to review the technical specifications in your org before activating this feature.

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