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Exported date values are not recognized by Excel

Knowledge Article Number 000175938
When working on an excel file that was exported from a report in Salesforce, you may find that changing the cell format into Date for cells containing date values would return inaccurate information.

This happens when the locale settings of your Excel platform, which is controlled by the locale settings in your computer is different from the locale settings defined in your Salesforce Interface.
For example, if you are using American date format (MM/DD/YYYY) in the computer, Excel would identify dates that look like 11/30/2012.

If your Locale in Salesforce is set to something that uses the DD/MM/YYYY format, you would have 30/11/2012.

When you export such a date to Excel and it has anything more than 12 in the first part of the date (the Month section),  Excel  will not recognize it as a Date and chooses the "General" format instead.

For example, if Excel's locale is US, the following date is invalid: 30/11/2012. This is because the first part of the date represents the Month, and 30 is not a valid number
To resolve this issue, you would need to either change your locale settings in Salesforce or in your computer.
A. To change your Salesforce locale settings:
1. Click Your Name | Setup | My Personal Information | Personal Information or Click the arrow next to your name | My Setting | Personal | Language and Time Zone | Locale.
2. Click Edit.
3. On the Locale Settings section, click on the Locale picklist and select the same locale as what your computer is set to.
4. Click Save.
B. To change the locale settings in Windows:
1. Do a right-click on the clock beside your Windows system tray.
2. Change your locale so it would match your Salesforce locale.
3. Apply and save the changes.

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