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Truncated Email Content / Incomplete

Knowledge Article Number 000175950
Customer or their recipients are receiving or viewing emails with email body truncated or incomplete when sending through Salesforce using a template.
Customer sees this as well when sending a test email and previewing the template through the "Send Test and Verify Merge Fields" button as detailed in the image below.

User-added image
Resolution This applies to all Template Types (Text, Custom, HTML, Visualforce). This is associated with Merge fields and not related to Custom and Visualforce template.

1. Notice in the screen shot of a sample template below, the merge field is showing an incorrect format. It has a closing Parenthesis instead of a Curly Brace while the actual Curly Brace was placed at the end of the sentence.

User-added image

NOTE: For more information on the correct Merge Field format for Email Templates, please refer to the following help link:
2. In this example the closing curly brace is present at the end of the sentence, it is treating the whole length from the opening to the closing curly brace as one Merge Field.
Using the Available Merge Fields drop down in the editor rather than typing merge fields manually will reduce the chance of syntax errors.

User-added image

3. To resolve this, Edit the template and correct the format of the Merge Field in question then click Save.


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