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A supported language is missing from the language field options on the User/ Company profile setting.

Knowledge Article Number 000175983
Description A System Administrator would like to change a User's or Company's language to a different but supported language. However, it is not included on the Language field's drop-down option.

  • (Non-enhanced Setup) Your Name| Setup| My Personal Information| Personal Information| Click Edit
  • (Enhanced Setup) Your Name| My Settings| Personal| Language & Time Zone
Click the drop-down for Language field.
A supported language option is missing ( i.e Spanish).


To Find the Missing Language go to:

  • (Non-enhanced Setup) Your Name| Setup| Administration Setup| Company Profile| Language Settings
  • (Enhanced Setup)  Your Name| My Settings| Personal| Language & Time Zone|
Move <missing option (i.e. Spanish)> to the "Displayed Languages" box. 

Click Save.

The language should now be available for selection in the User's Personal Information again. 

Click here to see the languages that Salesforce supports.

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