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Why can't I choose the Description field in List view criteria?

Knowledge Article Number 000175984
Description While creating a List View or editing a List View, the Description field is not an option under Filter By Additional Criteria.  The reason is that Description is a Long Text Area field, which is currently unsupported.
Resolution As a workaround, System administrators can create other custom fields to hold the data through which they are trying to filter.
  • Create a custom Text field (can hold <255 characters on a single line) OR
  • Create a custom Text Area Field (can hold <255 characters on multiple lines) OR
  • Create any other type of custom field that would suit the type of data requested.
Note : The same is applicable to the field of data type Text Area(Rich).

Afterward, you will have to fill in the field(s) with the appropriate data.

In Enterprise Edition and above you have access to Workflow Rules. The below Workflow will update a custom field with the value of the Long Text Area field.

From Select Setup | Create | Workflows & Approvals | Workflow Rules > Select New

1) Select the Object.
2) Evaluation Criteria: Created and Every Time it's Edited 
3) Rule Criteria: FORMULA

(ISBLANK(PRIORVALUE(Insert Long Text Area field here))&&!ISBLANK(Insert Long Text field here)) || ISCHANGED(Insert Long Text Area field here)

4) Add Workflow Action: New Field Update 
5) Field update will be on STEP 1 with a formula referencing the Long Text Area Field

Alternatively, you can put the data in another (otherwise unused) standard field, such as Title, which does appear in List View criteria.

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