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Tests Started from the Apex Classes Page Run Asynchronously

Knowledge Article Number 000175990
All tests started through the Salesforce user interface now run asynchronously. Tests that are run as part of a deployment, a
package install, or a package upload still run synchronously.
After running tests using Run All Tests or Run Test, you no longer get the Apex Test Result page, and hence, you no longer have access to debug log link and code coverage information, which were previously displayed on this page. However, you can get the debug log and code coverage information in the following ways.

To view and download the debug log after tests have finished running, do one of the following before starting the tests:
• Set up debug log monitoring in Your Name > Setup > Monitoring > Debug Logs. After the test run completes, you can
view and download the debug log from the Debug Logs page.
• Open the Developer Console by clicking Your Name > Developer Console. When the Developer Console is open, it
collects log information of running tests. After the test run completes, you can view and download the debug log in the
Logs tab.
To access code coverage information for classes and triggers after tests have finished running:
• For individual code coverage of classes and triggers, click Apex Classes to view code coverage for each class, and click Apex Triggers to view code coverage for each trigger.

You can also view code coverage information for each class and trigger in the Developer Console in the Tests tab.
• For overall code coverage of all classes and triggers after you have run all tests using Run All Tests, click Apex Classes, and then click Estimate your organization’s code coverage.
Alternatively, you can run tests using the Developer Console. When you run tests in the Developer Console, you can view and download the test run logs in the Logs tab. To run individual tests, click Tests > New Run. After the test run completes, code coverage by each test class is displayed in the Class Code Coverage pane. To run all tests, click Tests > Run All. After the test run for all tests completes, the overall code coverage displays in the Overall Code Coverage pane. 

For detailed information about code coverage please see:


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