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Request access to the Radian6 API

Knowledge Article Number 000175999
The Radian6 API is a REST-ful, XML Web service for retrieving, reporting, and modifying social data. API access allows users to extract post data directly from Radian6 Topic Profiles to enhance the value of their applications and services.

Sample use cases for the API

  • Creating custom reporting
  • Making visualizations
  • Driving Web and mobile applications
  • Exporting social post data for internal use
  • Accessing or filter by Workflow, Notes, Tags, and Insights
  • Dissemination of data of interest throughout an Organization
  • Integrate with an internal intranet or external Web properties
To request access to the Radian6 API, please contact your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Representative for a use case approval form. Radian6 offers Web-based documentation, including a list of calls and functionality available with the API service.

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