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Displaying both - date and time of Last Modified Date or Created Date of activity in a report

Knowledge Article Number 000176025
The reports can show last modified date or created date of an activity but does not show the date and time both in a report. The report's standard functionality doesn't have this feature to show date and time (Both) of activity in a report. In order to achieve this requirement, we can customize this by creating a formula field on activity.
Resolution We need to create a formula field on activity and then pull the custom report info in the customization page of a report. It will result in showing up the Last modified date and time in a report.
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Resolution Step for a workaround:-
1) Go to Setup under your name
2) On left-hand side under AppSetup click on Customize
3) Click on Activities
4) Click on 'Activity Custom Fields'
5)  Click on New button
6) Under New Custom Field Select data type as Formula
7) Choose your Field label and field name and then select Formula Return Type as Date/Time
8) Click on Insert Field Select Activity, (LastModifiedDate) and Insert
9) Click on Save

And then go to your report's tab and try to create a new activity report, now drag and drop the field you created on the report you will be able to see the changes made as per your requirement. 

** For Created Date - replace 8) Click on Insert Field Select Activity, (LastModifiedDate) and Insert with the following:
10) Click on Insert Field Select Activity, (CreatedDate) and Insert


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