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Renaming Task/Event Fields and Labels

Knowledge Article Number 000176033
Description Because of the unique setup of the Task and Event objects, there are multiple objects that house these object's field names and other object labels in 'Rename Tab Names and Labels' (Your Name | Setup | Customize | Tab Names and Labels | Rename Tabs and Labels).
Resolution The following fields/labels will be located in the 'Task' object:
  • Group Task
  • Task Data
  • Task Information
  • Task Priority
  • Task Record Type
  • Task Series
  • Task Occurrence

The following fields/labels will be located in the 'Event' object:

  • Calendar Event
  • Calendar Detail
  • Calendar Event Edit
  • Calendar Event Subject
  • Event Attendee
  • Event Data
  • Event Detail
  • Event Detail Page
  • Event Information
  • Event Invitation
  • Event Invite
  • Event Occurrence
  • Event Record Type
  • Multi-Person Calendar Event
  • Multi-Person Calendar Event Edit
  • Group Event
  • Group Event Type

All other task/event fields that can be renamed will be located under the 'Activities' object.

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