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How to Make Scroll View of newly created Task ?

Knowledge Article Number 000176093

Customer relies on his Task Comments within Salesforce home page to perform his day to day workload. Customer would like to see all of his Task Comments appear in a new custom  Scroll view that he could simply scroll down through to review all comments within one page. Functionality should be accomplished without Visual Force page development.


Check the below setting to Enable chatter Feeds.

The ability to view task in chatter  is auto enabled. If it not enabled to enable or disable this feature, Please follow the steps given below.

Click Your Name > Setup > Customize > Chatter > Settings.

Click Edit.

Under Task to Feeds,
1. Check to enable "Generate Feed Items for New Tasks"
2. Uncheck to disable "Generate Feed Items for New Tasks".
3. Check to enable "Allow Task Entry in Feeds".                                                                         
4. Uncheck to disable "Allow Task Entry in Feeds".

Click Save.

Note : 
The following option is provided as a way to accomplish the desired Scroll view.

  • Chatter can be used by the customer as his primary page for the entry of Task Comments.

  • Chatter would allow the user the functionality to scroll through all comments entered in one page. This way the functionality is accomplished without having to develop Visual Force Pages


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