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"Send Customer Notification" checkbox for Customer Portal Users is grayed-out and disabled when posting a Case Comment

Knowledge Article Number 000176133

"Send Customer Notification" checkbox is grayed-out and disabled when posting a Case Comment to Customer Portal Users

Available in: EnterpriseUnlimited, and Developer Editions
User Permissions Needed
To edit settings for the Customer Portal:“Customize Application”

Normally, the "Send Customer Notification" checkbox is always checkable so that we can send an email notification to a person informing that we have posted a Public Comment to case record. However, there is an instance that the checkbox "Send Customer Notification" is just grayed-out and cannot be checked even if the "Public" checkbox in the "Case Comments Related List" was checked.
Resolution  To make the "Send Customer Notification" checkbox available, follow these instructions:

1.  Click Your Name | Setup | Customize | Customer Portal | Settings.

Click the name of the Salesforce Customer Portal you want to customize.
3.  Click the "Edit" button to modify the settings of the selected Customer Portal.

Under the "Email Notification Settings" section, assign an email template to the "New Comment Template" field.
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5.  Click the "Save" button to save your changes.

To check if the 
"Send Customer Notification" checkbox is now checkable, follow these easy steps:

1. Click the Cases Tab.

2. Select an existing Case Record.

3. In the Case Comments Related List, click "New".

4. Under the Comment Details section, include a check on the "Public" checkbox and the "Send Customer Notification" checkbox should become checkable or available:

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