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Re-import values for another language without translating them for Translation Workbench

Knowledge Article Number 000176147
The values that are not translated in Workbench are imported only when you export the Bilingual file while the Company Language is the same as the Target Language. 

For Example: 

You exported all the translations that were made in English in Salesforce so that you can change the Language Code and re-import in different languages without translating the values. Upon importing the translation file, for example in French and Spanish, the confirmation email reads "Import of the following file was successful: Import.stf," but nothing is updated in Salesforce.

Learn how to resolve the issue by reviewing an example translation below. 
Example Translation from English to French

      1. Go to Setup | Company Profile | Company Information. 
      2. Set the Default Language to French.
      3. Go to the Translation Workbench and Export the Bilingual file.
      4. Open the Bilingual .zip file, extract the English file and open it.
      5. Keep only the desired lines, change Language code to "fr," and then click Save with UTF-8 encoding.
      6. Go to the Translation Workbench and Import.

Good to know: Repeat these steps for other languages. 

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