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Why do completed Training modules reflect an In Progress Status?

Knowledge Article Number 000176160
Description The My Training tab under Help | Take Training displays a module in an In Progress Status even though I viewed all slides in the module and successfully addressed the knowledge checks. 
Resolution This is typically caused by a browser setting not being inline with our suggested settings.  Please review the following Help page to be sure a supported browser is being used:

Topic - Supported Browsers
If a supported browser is being used, the following settings usually haven't been enabled and are the root of the behavior:

- Allow third-party cookies.
- Allow session cookies

The steps to activate these options will vary depending on the web browser you're using, and its version.

To activate these settings in Internet Explorer, follow these steps:
1. In Internet Explorer, select: Tools | Internet Options.
2. From the Privacy tab, click Advanced.
3. Select the "Override automatic cookie handling" checkbox.
4.  For the "Third-party Cookies" option, select Accept.
5. Select the "Always allow session cookies" checkbox.
6. Click "OK" to apply the changes.
7. Click "OK" in the Internet Options window.

Then once the settings are enabled:

1. Launch the module in question
2. If prompted to resume where you left off, select yes.  If the issue persists after following steps 3 through 7, access the module once again and select "no" when prompted with the "resume" option and follow steps 3 through 7.
3. Advance through each slide by clicking the right arrow button
4. Address knowledge checks if presented
5. After completing all slides and knowledge checks, close window
6. Return to Help | Take Training | My Training.  If returning to a minimized window that previously had My Training loaded, refresh page once or twice.
7. Module should now reflect a Completed Status.

See also:

Please Note:  If you have done all the steps above and you are still having issues with your training showing as completed. (Salesforce does not endorse any Web Browser over another however through observation) We have noticed that Mozilla works the best, then Chrome and IE.  We haven't had enough observation with Safari and Opera Web Browsers to make a call on them.  Also this success is only with the H&T and Mozilla. 

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