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soapAction null for an outbound email message

Knowledge Article Number 000176166
Description I created an outbound email message which sends a null value for soapAction. The sopaAction appears on wsdl but not received by the vendor. 
Resolution You can use Apex HTTP Callout or WSDL2Apex and construct the message according to the Vendor policies 
Please see the following for more information: 

Alternatively, on Server side ( that is your Vendor side ) make changes to accept as it comes – if they do that then you need not write the webservice. 

It is allowed to be blank, per RFC, and that is how SFDC sends it. The Vendor side make adjustments at their endpoint to receive it that way. 
Look at the 

6.1.1 The SOAPAction HTTP Header Field 
The SOAPAction HTTP request header field can be used to indicate the intent of the SOAP HTTP request. The value is a URI identifying the intent. SOAP places no restrictions on the format or specificity of the URI or that it is resolvable. An HTTP client MUST use this header field when issuing a SOAP HTTP Request. 
soapaction = "SOAPAction" ":" [ <"> URI-reference <"> ] 
URI-reference = <as defined in RFC 2396 [4] <> > 

The presence and content of the SOAPAction header field can be used by servers such as firewalls to appropriately filter SOAP request messages in HTTP. The header field value of empty string ("") means that the intent of the SOAP message is provided by the HTTP Request-URI. No value means that there is no indication of the intent of the message. 
SOAPAction: "" 
SOAPAction: "myapp.sdl" 
SOAPAction: "" 

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