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How To Configure Add-In of Salesforce Connect for Office to Microsoft Excel

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Excel Connector Configuration

The excel connector relies on the Office Toolkit v4.0 COM object. This is provided by to communicate with the API via SOAP at the API level 16.0. Therefore, you must ensure that you have the Office Toolkit configured on your system before the VBA code in the excel connector can perform it's magic.

Why two versions ?

The Enterprise Edition (and Unlimited) enjoy API access and the source code is visible for your modifications. The PE version contains a secured id to allow it to support API access for this client. The source code is not visible in this version. Download the correct one for your edition, or you may see a message about "API not enabled".


Install Office Toolkit

  • Click on Your Name.
  • Under Personal Setup Click on Desktop Integration
  • Click on Connect For Office.
  • Check the System requirements and Click on Button Install now.
  • Complete the rest of installation process.
  • The first time you use Word Integration you are prompted to enable macros from Salesforce. You must enable the macros to use Word Integration

Install Excel Connector XLA

Get the sforce_connect.Zip file from ( Simply search for sforce_connect.Zip on the developers website and you will see the links and additional information on how to download it)
Store this zip file in your local drive.

Note: The sforce_connect.xla is an Excel Add-In and not intended to be opened directly by clicking on the XLA file. To Install the XLA file into Excel:

Steps To Add Add-In

  • Launch Excel
  • Click on the File
  • Click on Excel Options | Add-Ins.
  • Click on the Browse button, locate the Add-In file from the directory where you unpacked the ZIP file
  • Select the add-in and click OK to load it.

Macro Security

When the Add-In is loaded you may see a message about Macro Security, you must have a security setting which will allow you to run Macros to access the functionality in the Excel Connector. Note: the Add-In is not a signed macro file, so your may need to adjust your security settings to Medium or Low, unless you sign the file yourself. to check your settings click on the following links in Excel:

View --> Macro --> Security Level

Detailed instructions for setting security level may be found in the Microsoft Office help documentation


When the Connector menu bar appears, then the install is complete and you are ready to access Login and the API. Use your normal login and password. You may also need your security token.

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