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How to insert images into an article numbered lists without breaking the numbered list when viewing as a PDF

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Description If you insert images when using the numbered lists, even if you use a different number as the starting point after you broke the numbered list, it will show the next number as #1 when viewing the article as a PDF after being send through an email or "Email Article as PDF." this article will describe how to correctly create an article with images. There are two different methods that are described and there is also an example at the end of the article.
Resolution Different ways to insert images into articles with numbered lists:

 If you are inserting images into an article when using numbered lists, it will break the numbered lists when you send the article in an email as a PDF even when you start a new numbered list at a different number. This article gives you two different methods on inserting images into an article when using numbered lists so when it gets sent in a PDF format in an email it will start counting back from one after the image is inserted.The first method you can take is to insert the image into the number that you are currently working on. For example,
  1. I will insert the image directly after the period in this sentence and it will put the image on the next line if the image is too big to go on this line or if you have enough spaces or words on the current line so it pushes the image on the next line for the number. Here is the image in his number: User-added image
  2. The next way to get an image into an article without breaking the number sequence when viewing as a PDF is to press enter and to leave the number with the image. Here is the next number with the image.
User-added image

     3.Now, if you send this article in an email as a PDF the number after the next image will appear as the number 1, even though I set the             next number to be number 4.
User-added image
     4 .This is the number 5 in this article. Send it in an email and view as PDF to see it set as number 1.

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