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Email-to-case, Contact name blank for non existing contacts

Knowledge Article Number 000176301
Description When a new case is created via Email-to-case and the contact that raised the case does not already exist in Salesforce then the Contact Name field is blank.
Instead the contact information is stored in separate fields such as "Web Email".
Is there a way to configure an auto-creation of the contact record in that scenario?
Resolution Currently this is not possible with standard functionality, there is no way to configure an auto-creation of contact for cases that originate from contacts that do not already exist in Salesforce.

This may be achievable through Apex programming using a trigger. Please note that Salesforce Technical Support does
not provide code creation support, our Developer Team will only support existing code.

To get started you check out the below developer document:

A free App from the Salesforce AppExchange that also may be of assistance to you is  "Services ROI Maximizer".

Please note also that third party Apps are not supported by Salesforce Support.


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