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About the Salesforce Known Issues site

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The Salesforce Known Issues site compliments and enhances both trust and customer success through visibility into Salesforce platform Known Issues.


Get updates about Known Issues


Follow a Known Issue for updates, potential workarounds, and learn when the issue is fixed for your instance.

1. Go to Salesforce Known Issues.
2. Search for your issue by keyword, by status of the issue, or by tag.
3. Review the Summary and specific Steps to Reproduce to determine if you're affected by the issue.
4. Click This Issue Affects Me to add yourself to the Reported By count (indicates the number of users who clicked This Issue Affects Me).

Which issues are posted on Known Issues?

While not every item is posted on Known Issues, we do post the most critical issues based on the number of customer reports, the severity of the issue, and the availability of a workaround.

How are fixed communicated?

When fixes are deployed to Salesforce instances, the indicators on the page will change from red to green under "Is It Fixed."

If you're not sure which instance your organization is using, see our help article about finding your Salesforce instance.

More information

Visit the Known Issues FAQ to learn more. If you have a question for something not listed on the Known Issues site, please create a case with Salesforce Customer Support.

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