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What will happen to the Expired, Hold and Locked status Orgs?

Knowledge Article Number 000176370
Description I signed up to a Salesforce Trial Organization and after a while, I have found that I can no longer access my Salesforce. What is the life cycle of a Trial Org and what will happen to the Expired , Hold or Locked Organizations?
Resolution All trials have an expiration date (generally this is the 30 Day Free Trial provided to you by Salesforce). 

After the expiration date, the status of the organization is updated to HOLD.

During the HOLD period, you can still login but will be directed to "Buy Me Page".

The organization will be in the HOLD status for 30 days.
After the 30 day HOLD period ends, the status will update to “DELETED”.
Once the organization's status is marked DELETED, you will no longer be able to login to your account.

---- For Active Organizations -----

Active Organizations go through a similar process when terminating subscription to Salesforce. However, instead of 30 days, Active Organizations / Paid Organizations have a 180 day grace period in the  LOCKED status.

Once the 180 day period lapses, the organization will be marked as DELETED and similar to a trial organization, you will no longer be able to login to your account.

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