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Avoid repeating the details of the parent record on report?

Knowledge Article Number 000176374
Description Example 1:
I have a custom object called MyCustomObject that is linked to Contacts.
I have created a report from the "Contacts and MyCustomnObjects" report type that filters on fields from my custom object.
I want to see all the corresponding custom objects and their associated contacts, but if there are multiple records found for a contact, I only want to see one row for the contact.

Example 2:
Or as another example, for an "Opportunity and Opportunity Products" report, see only one row of details for an Opportunity if multiple products are found for an Opportunity.

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Resolution This is currently not possible in Salesforce, in the meantime please vote on the below feature request on the Salesforce IdeasExchange:

There is workaround using MS Excel.
Most MS Excel versions have a "Remove duplicates" function that efficiently de-dupe rows having same values.

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