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Why does the Update Now button not work?

Knowledge Article Number 000176383
Description When a customer responds to a 'Stay in Touch' email you receive an email notification advising that the customer responded. In that email you are required to click on the 'Update Now' button to review, accept or reject, and ultimately update the new information.

On occasion the button may not do anything when clicking on it or the browser may open, but it will be blank.  This is due to the link that is associated with the button exceeding 1024 characters.
Resolution If you are receiving the 'Stay in Touch' email in Outlook then you may open the email in a browser which will allow the 'Update Now' button to function.

-Open the Email in question
-Select Other Actions
-Select View in Browser

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Once the email is opened in a browser window the 'Update Now' button will work.

A second workaround (in either Outlook or another email client) would be to right click on the button, copy the URL and paste it in the address bar of any browser.

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