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Log a Call feature displays duplicate chatter feed posts when case feeds is enabled.

Knowledge Article Number 000176415
Description Customers who have the case feeds feature enabled have observed that when a user logs a call via the log a call publisher or via the log a call button on the activity history related list, they end up with duplicate chatter feeds, this issue is only isolated to the chatter feed, as duplicate "log a call" records are not created when cross checked on the activity history.
This is currently working as designed and is usually caused due to workflow field updates on the task record, especially when the update is intended to auto populate a date field. The admin can run debug logs to identify the workflow in question responsible for the field update.
  • The issue is that call logs are tasks and not all tasks are created equal. 
  • Call Logs are closed tasks and you can only create the feed item that way via the "Create Call Log" button in the UI or via workflow updating the original call log task. If you go and edit the task via standard UI edit, the feed sees the resulting record as a generic task, not a call log -- and you get the feed item formatted the way you experienced. 
  • There is nothing in the data model to distinguish a generic task from a call log, we infer it based on the code path the use takes to create or edit it. The workflow rule goes through the call log codepath, hence the call log feed item. 

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