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Importing translations

Knowledge Article Number 000176458
Description You are likely to receive errors when importing translations if you are trying to migrate them from one org to another. Please note that the 'mass import translations' tool isn't really designed to migrate translations between 2 different Orgs. Whilst it is technically possible to do it, you will generally find you will run into issues unless both Orgs are identical. You will get errors if any field / value is different between the Orgs and the whole import would fail
Resolution In order to mass insert translations it is suggested that you first export from the target org. Then update the translations using only this file. This will ensure the file contains all of the same fields / value etc as already exist in the org
  1. Try exporting your translation file again from Salesforce, which should save it as a .STF file. Do not change the format (to CSV, XLS, or to anything else).
  2. Do not use Microsoft Excel to edit the exported file, as this will corrupt the file by placing quotation marks around the commas, rendering it unfit for import. It is recommended to use Notepad++.
You should open Notepad++ and then open your translation export file via File >> Open. Once you make the translation changes, you should ensure the encoding is set to 'Encode in UTF-8 without BOM'

Once you have completed your changes, save it as a .STF file and use this to import.

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