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Translation of the Browse/Import File Button

Knowledge Article Number 000176462
Description The Import Wizards (any one of them) has an issue with the Browse/Import File Button. The language of the label reflects the language of the Browser, not the language the user selected in the user record.
Resolution This and confirmed that it is working as designed. The browser button pulls the text from the OS or the browser language (depending on which browser you use). This is done for security reasons and is a widely used practice, as otherwise there is risk of fraudulent access of a user's OS.

In most cases, people access applications in the same language as their OS, so these alignment issues seems to be fringe cases. Since all other buttons and text is localized, the context of the Browse button text should be clear. It doesn't really impede the using/navigation of the import wizard and there's a work around (set the languages between the OS, Browser and user record to align).

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