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Locating your Premier Passcode

Knowledge Article Number 000176464
When calling in for Premier Phone Support, you may be prompted for your Premier Passcode.  If you are your Organization's Designated Contact, you should use your Personal Passcode for your call to be routed with priority to Premier Support. If you're not a Designated Contact, but you're authorized to open a Support case, you may use your Company Passcode.
Resolution If you are an English user now using the updated Help & Training Portal, your Passcode is in a different location in the Portal.

1. Go to Help & Training.
2. Go to "My Success Hub" | "Go".
3. Look for "Organization Information" (In the updated Help & Training Portal for English users, it is 
in a green dropdown menu at the top of the "Success Hub" Dashboard page.
4. You should be able to locate your Personal Passcode and/or Company Passcode in this box.

Success Hub image


To find the Company Passcode under the new Lightning Experience UI.

Login to Help and Training | My Success Hub | on the Dashboard screen you will see "Organization Information" in a green dropdown box that will have details where you will find the "Company Passcode".

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