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Allow email-based identity confirmation in mass

Knowledge Article Number 000176486
In order for an Administrator to enable users to use the Email Based Identity Confirmation, an Administrator must select the "Allow email-based identity confirmation" option at the Profile level. Some companies may have too many Profiles to update on a one-by-one basis (as this is not exposed via API) here is a streamlined work-around.
Enable SMS-based identity confirmation
  • Go to: Your Name | Setup | Administration Setup | Security Controls | Session Settings.
  • Check "Enable SMS-based identity confirmation" > Save.

Create a Permission Set
  • Go to: Your Name | Setup | Administration Setup | Manage Users | Permission Sets > New.
  • Name it: "Enable SMS-based identity confirmation" > Save
  • Click System Permissions > Edit > Check "Allow email-based identity confirmation" > Save.

Export all (or filter) User Id's
  • Open the Apex Data Loader > Export.
  • Select the User object and name the file "permissionsetassignment.csv" > Next.
  • Check the Id field > Finish.

Create an Import File
  • Open the permissionsetassignment.csv in Excel.
  • Rename the Id column header to "AssigneeId".
  • Add a new column header named "PermissionSetId".
  • In Salesforce go to: Your Name | Setup | Administration Setup | Manage Users | Permission Sets.
  • Click on our Allow email-based identity confirmation Permission Set.
  • The URL should look similar to this:
  • Copy the Id of the Permission Set (in this case: 0PSO0000000Cybt) and paste it for all the values in our "PermissionSetId" column.
  • Save the import file.
Mass assign the Permission Set to Users
  • Open the Apex Data Loader > Insert.
  • Select "Show all Salesforce objects".
  • Highlight "PermissionSetAssignment" and browse for our import file > Next.
  • Click Create or Edit a Map and select Auto-Match Fields to Columns > Ok > Next > Finish.

Note: If you experience any time-out issues, you may want to try and use the Bulk API and modify the Batch size to a smaller amount, or enable serial mode.
Configuring the Data Loader to Use the Bulk API

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