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How do I replace the semi colons by commas in .csv file?

Knowledge Article Number 000176500
Occasionally, you might export a file from Salesforce or other data source and the .csv contains semi colons instead of commas, to separate the data.

Sometimes an attached CSV file on the case will show records separated by semi-colons when created on a Mac OS system.

This can cause some trouble when trying to import this information back into Salesforce. You can use Notepad to replace all the semi colons found in your file, by commas, so that Salesforce accepts the file format upon importing. 
Follow these steps to fix the issue:

1. Right click on the file and Open with Notepad.
2. Click the Edit menu and select Replace.
3. In the Find what box type in a semi colon symbol ( ; ).
4. In the Replace with box type in a comma ( , ).
5. Click the Replace all button.
6. Close the Replace window.
7. Save the file. In Notepad navigate to File | Save As... and for the Save as type: option select "All Files (*.*)." You should be able to then select the .csv file to save over it or you can save it as a new file by manually typing .csv onto the end of your desired file name in order to force the file extension and ensure it's saved as a .csv instead of a .txt file.

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