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Is it possible to limit the width of case comments that have gone too wide due to text with no spaces?

Knowledge Article Number 000176537
Description At times some case comments may contain long pieces of text that do not overflow automatically and make the case comments section appear too wide. This renders the detail page almost unmanageable and requires a considerable amount of scrolling to for instance be able to see the page block buttons (e.g. Edit, Delete, etc.). Without deleting the case comments that are causing this, is it possible to reduce the width of all the case comments?
Resolution To work around this problem you may follow these steps:

a) Copy the below bookmarklet (that will constrain the width case comments bringing them to a manageable size):
javascript:void((function(){var sty=document.createElement('style');sty.innerHTML="table.list{width:1200px;}td.dataCell{word-wrap:break-word;word-break:break-all;}";document.head.appendChild(sty);})());

b) Save it as a bookmark
c) On case detail pages where the problem occurs, click on the bookmark. You will notice how the width of the case comments is reduced.

NOTE: word-break/word-wrap is part of the CSS3 spec, and does not work in IE6, and has known issues in IE7/IE8.

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