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How do I prevent users from accessing mass import functionality?

Knowledge Article Number 000176572
Description How do I prevent users from accessing mass import functionality (Import Wizard, Data Loader, or API tools)?
Resolution There are a variety of profile permissions related to importing data.  If users in question are assigned a standard profile, you may need to clone the profile and assign the respective user to the new custom profile since it is not possible to edit all of the following permissions for standard profiles by design:

- Manage Knowledge Article Import/Export
- Import Leads
- Import Personal Contacts
- Import Solutions
- API Enabled
- API Only User

To disable access to the "Import My Business Accounts & Business Contacts" link from the Accounts and Contacts Home page as well as respective areas under Setup, disable the Create permission under Standard Object Permissions for Account and Contacts.  Note, this will also prevent a user from creating Accounts and Contacts via the User Interface.

To disable import and sync capabilities with client applications, such as Salesforce for Outlook:

- Disable the respective settings in the Desktop Integration Clients area of the Profile
- Ensure the users aren't added to a Salesforce for Outlook Configuration. 


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