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Tips using CTI 4x Adapter

Knowledge Article Number 000176577
Description Popup tips:
Firefox and Chrome browser communication uses a static pop-up window for maintaining connectivity to the adapter reliably.  If popups do not show ensure popups are not blocked and kill all browser processes in task manager, also kill salesforceCTI.exe process.

Note: The pop-up window does not show for Internet Explorer browsers.
Ensure in setup for all browsers that pop ups are enabled or at least include localhost:11000 (OR port being used by the adapter) and the instance such as in the popup blocker exclusion.

Browser best practices:
CTI 4.03 now has an "Auto Exit" mechanism. The adapter now receives an "EXIT" message when:
    An agent closes all browser windows (this includes the adapter pop-up window for Firefox and Chrome)
    An agent logs out of
    The agent's session expires
To ensure reliable communication ensure that users logout of Salesforce and close all browser tabs, pop ups and preferably close the adapter also at the end of a shift.
Cache and Cookie tips:
If users have problems with the popups clearing cache and cookies can help.
- Clearing cache and Cookies for Chrome
- Clearing cache for IE  7 &  IE 8
- Clearing Cookies for IE 9 
- Clearing Cache for IE 9
- Clearing Cache for Firefox 
- Clearing Cookies for Firefox

Internet Explorer 64 bit:
It is recommended to use the 64 bit version of Internet Explorer on 64 bit machines
In Internet Explorer also ensure there is native support for XMLHttpRequest, to do this navigate to the following location:
Tools | Internet Options | Advanced | security | Enable Native xmlHTTP support

Memory Optimization
For Internet Explorer 9 memory usage can be tuned by changing GPU rendering:
Click the Advanced tab, and then under Accelerated graphics, select the "Use software rendering" instead of GPU rendering check box

More information on troubleshooting the Adapter popups and communication.

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