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Why does package installation fail?

Knowledge Article Number 000176584
Description User is trying to install a package and sees following error:

"Your requested install failed. Please try this again."

Error details point to an apex class that cannot be compiled.

This happens when trying to install package in Professional Edition only.

It doesn't happen in Developer or Enterprise or Unlimited Edition.

Resolution Professional Edition has limitations and cannot use many features available to Developer, Enterprise and Unlimited Editions.

Check the classes that cannot be compiled when trying to install the package.

Make sure to check the dependent classes as well.

See if you come across any classes or methods specific to features not available in Professional Edition.

For example, ProcessInstance object is used to query or retrieve an approval process. If you use this object in your package and try to install it in Professional Edition, it will result in an error.

For a full listing of feature differences between Salesforce Editions and availability of specific features in Professional Edition see the Full Edition Comparison Chart.

Additional resources to know more about different editions and what they provide:

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