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Why are Emails not being added to a case when customer responds?

Knowledge Article Number 000176597
Description When a customer responds to an Email that has been sent from a case their response is not being added to the case.  
Resolution Review the following to ensure that Email-to-Case has been set-up correctly for customer Email responses to be attached to and viewed from the case.

1. The Thread ID needs to be added to either the Subject of the Email, the body of the Email or both.  It is recommended that it be added to both.  This will give Salesforce a better chance of locating the case.  Also, if a customer removes the Thread ID from one or the other there is a back up.  To add the Thread ID follow the steps below:

Your Name | Setup | Customize | Cases | Email to Case

2. When replying to a customer always change the address from the Owner to the Email to Case support address.  If this is not changed then the response from the customer will be sent to the owner of the case and will not be added to the Email Thread.

3. Add the Email Related list to the Case Layout.  When a customer replies to an email that has the Thread ID the Salesforce will identify the case via the Thread ID, the Case Owner will be sent a notification, and the Email will be added to the Email Related List.  To add the Related List to the Case Layout:

Your Name | Setup | Customize | Cases | Page Layouts

     - Select the Layout in question and select edit
     - Click on Related Lists
     - Drag and Drop "Emails" to the Page Layout
     - Save

4. A common issue when testing Email-to-Case before deployment or when testing in the Sandbox the support address has not been forwarded to the Email Services Address. If you have not already done this then the replies are not hitting Salesforce and cannot be attached to the case.  Contact your Email Administrator to have them forward the emails to the Services Address.

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