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Importing contacts/leads as a campaign member using Data Loader

Knowledge Article Number 000176624
When using Data Loader to import campaign members, the contacts or leads that needs to be added to a specific campaign should already exist in Salesforce prior to the import. 

A user should choose the Campaign Member (CampaignMember) table on Data Loader and use the Insert function. To select this Object please Check "Show All Salesforce Object". Make sure that the following fields are included on the csv file:

CampaignID - the ID of the specific campaign to which the record needs to be added.

ContactID/LeadID  -  ID of the specific contact or lead record.

Status - The status of the campaign member within the specific campaign. 

You can get the CampaignID and ContactID/LeadID by running a report in Salesforce and adding the ID of the record as a report column.

*Please note that if you cannot see the campaign member object when choosing the insert option, make sure that you have selected the checkbox "Show all objects"*

You can find additional details on Campaign Member Object by clicking here.


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