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Services included in Premier + Success Plan and how to request help from the Admin Team

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The Premier+ Success Plan includes all the benefits of Premier Success, plus:

Resolution How do I work with the Salesforce administration team?
  • To log a case with the Premier+ admin team from the Self-Service Portal, go to "Help & Training" (i.e "?" icon on the top right when logged into salesforce) | Click on the "Technical Support" tile | "Contact Us" | "Admin Request - Create or Update for me".  This will send your case directly to the admin team.
    Note: If you don't have the "Admin Request - Create or Update for me" link available, you're either not set up as your organization's Administrator or your organization isn't subscribing to one of our Premier Success Plans.
  • Use the Admin Case Templates to log the most common admin requests. This will make sure our team has all the info so there's no delay in completing your case.
  • If you have a Sandbox, specify if you want us to complete the admin request in your Sandbox or Production org. It is best to give us the Org ID located in Setup | Company Profile | Company Information | Organization ID
Who will work on my admin case?
  • The admin team consists of support representatives who are certified as both Advanced Administrators and Developers. Your case will be routed to any one of our available reps in your Geography/Timezone. 

When will my case be completed? 
  • Once you log your Admin case, the assigned representative will assess the amount of work on the case and send you an estimated time of completion for your case.
  • For large admin requests, please log the case ahead of time so we can plan our resources accordingly.
  • Note per the datasheet that response times for admin cases include local business hours only and exclude weekends and holidays.

What can I setup ahead of time for faster case resolution?
  • Make sure you have completed the Approval Matrix 
  • Make sure you have setup the Premier+ Courtesy licenses 

MORE admin resources and Online Training can be found here.

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