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Live Agent Chat Buttons with Multiple Skills

Knowledge Article Number 000176643
Description Use statement - "We recently installed the Live Agent application into our Salesforce instance and when I created Chat Buttons I associated the buttons to multiple profiles. When you try to start a chat to that topic it says no agents are available. If I only have one profile associated it works fine. Please let us know when this issue might be fixed."

Steps to reproduce:
1. Setup >> Customize >> Live Agent >> Chat Buttons
2. Click on a button
3. Click on Edit
4. Make sure that at least 2 skills are selected
5. Make sure that users in the selected skills are only in 1 of the 2 skills and none of the users are in both
6. Click Save
7. Copy the button code and generate the button per Documentation - Creating Chat Buttons
8. Run the button

Agents never appear to be online even though they are shown Online in their personal console.
Each Chat Button can be assigned one or more Skills. The button will appear Online only if there is an available agent who is assigned to *all* of the Skills associated with the button. 
Use Case Example: 
* An organization has agents for Sales and Support, and provides either in English, Spanish, or French. Based on this the organization creates 5 Skills (Sales, Support, English, Spanish, French). All Support users are assigned to the Support Skill, all English speaking agents are also assigned to the English skill, etc. 
* An "English Support" button is created, with the skills "English" and "Support". This button only appears online when there is an agent with both Support and English skills. (Note, the agent could have any number of assigned Skills as long as they include English and Support). An agent with only the Skills "Support" and "French" would not cause this button to appear online (such a user has the Support Skill, but not the English Skill, and so does not meet the criteria to be routed chats from this button). 

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