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Issue with WSDL parsing while using third party WSDL

Knowledge Article Number 000176657
Description User is using third part WSDL but the WSDL file provided by third party is not properly parsed by WSDL2Apex feature in salesforce , What will be the best way to parse these WSDL file in salesforce?
- Salesforce has created a GIThub project which contains the source code of WSDL2Apex, users can modify the WSDL2Apex code to match their requirement and parse the WSDL files accordingly 

GIT hub project Link:

- The source code contains java classes which takes WSDL file as the input and gives apex classes as the output , Once you get the apex classes you can use them in your salesforce org to make webservice callouts to the endpoint specified in the WSDL 

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